IP Docketing Services

Innovation P.I.'s virtual docketing department helps maintain your organization’s intellectual property docket and annuities, enabling you to take advantage of a broad and knowledgeable talent pool without the hiring, administrative, training, and turnover challenges associated with internal staff. Our Docketing Services include processing, docketing and database update for all incoming US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) actions and correspondence. Additional services include: activity creation/document upload (no docketing), additional reminders, phone call on final deadlines, reference entry, reference ordering, reference scanning, template creation/maintenance, forwarding of original documents, and scanning/copying.

As we receive your USPTO correspondence, documents are docketed by our staff into your patent management system and the scanned images are uploaded. We notify you by email that the item has been received. As response items are filed and the certificates are returned to us, we remove the corresponding items from the docket. If you have directed the USPTO to send items directly to us, we will forward originals to you on a regular basis.

Our docketing professionals have extensive experience with the following software systems: MS packages, CPI, IPDAS, Global IP Estimator, Safe Keeper Plus, SAP, Elite, Tabs, iManage, Pattsy, Pro-Law, PC/IP Master, LEXIS/NEXIS, DIAMS, inventit, Foundation IP, Anaqua & Sharepoint.